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Reflexology and Mental Well-Being

April 20 - April 27

Fully Booked

Our mental health is under increasing pressure. The aftermath of Covid and the lockdown, together with an economic, humanitarian and environmental crisis, has created a low level global anxiety, which few sensitive people can fully ignore. Add to this expectations of others, relationships, family and society; it’s clear why support to maintain mental health is more in demand than ever. As reflexologists, many of us will have found our work already benefits our clients in supporting mental health but would like to expand our knowledge and confidence in this area of our work.

Meet the Team

For this retreat, we will focus on optimising well-being, for ourselves and our clients. Our special guest reflexologist Sally Earlam and workshop leaders Sophie Paulding and Rebecca Jones, will look at building resilience in a world where avoiding stresses and strains is close to impossible. Jane Bartholomew will be offering evening sessions to support our nervous systems, aid sleep and provide us with some mindful moments.

Sally Earlam

Sophie Paulding

Rebecca Heazell

Jane Bartholomew

Anna Bartholomew


As well as the workshops outlined above, our price includes 7 nights accommodation in a single en suite room, full use of the centre facilities including the outdoor pool. 3 delicious and nutritious meals a day, two complimentary therapies with our wonderful Equilibrio massage therapists, daily yoga, reflexology exchange sessions and the lazy day outing.

Price £ 1080.00

There will also be plenty of time to relax, enjoy the beautiful venue and surrounding area and for addition activities if you choose.

You can see why an Equilibrio retreat is the perfect week away for hardworking and caring professionals!

This price does not include flights or transfers.

What Does the Retreat Include?

Whether you are a newly qualified or an experienced practitioner, learning from and sharing knowledge with peers can be interesting and rewarding. Experiencing each other’s techniques and discussing methods of treatment also allows us the opportunity to look at things in a different way. It can be a great opportunity to build confidence in our own skills and empower us as therapists, especially if we are working in practice on our own or returning to bodywork after a break.

Morning Yoga

Each day starts by nurturing your physical and mental well being. These sessions are suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced and individual requirements can be accommodated for.

Like the rest of the programme this session is optional, so if your needs are better served by staying in bed that’s fine too.


The focus in the kitchen is on tasty and health-giving meals, making full and fantastic use of the abundant local and homegrown vegetables, local olive oil, cheeses and other local produce.

Each day will be an opportunity to experience and gain information about eating well.


Two treatments from experienced Equilibrio bodywork practitioners are included in your retreat experience.

Equilibrio team practitioners will be on hand throughout the week to share their knowledge with you in a relaxed and informal way.

There will also be time and space in this session to team up with one of the other participants for a treatment swap and more in depth sharing should you chose to do so.

Intergration day

Friday is intergration day for treatment swaps, practice sessions, chats, exploring the wider area by foot or by horse or just lying by the pool enjoying a last moment of relaxation and letting the week soak in.


Evenings are free time for moonlight swimming, star gazing or just hanging out.

Lazy Day

Our programme includes a ‘lazy day’. You can take this literally and spend a day relaxing at Cortijo Romero, or join an excursion to the highest mountain villages in Spain. There you can visit a bodega for cheese and wine tasting, browse the shops for a gift or two, or just enjoy the views and soak up that top of the world feeling over a drink in the square. You can return to Cortijo Romero for a lunch and relaxing afternoon, or enjoy a picnic and a guided hike through the stunning mountain landscape, ending up at a traditional Spanish tapas bar before the minibus brings you home.

The Team for the Retreat

Sally Earlam

Supporting emotional wellbeing is such a large part of our work as reflexologists. Sally’s deep interest in how we can best support our clients’ mental and emotional health began ten years ago when a close family member was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression.  This sent Sally on a journey of discovery! This included a delve into the physiology to consider which key reflexes we need to consider, through to greater understanding of the importance of intention.

Sally is an experienced and supportive tutor who is looking forward to this time of learning and sharing. She will explore the holistic approach for supporting clients living with stress, anxiety and depression including reflexology techniques, a look at the importance of grounding for us as reflexologists, and some evidence based self-help techniques that can be offered to clients to help support their journey towards emotional wellbeing.

Sally has been a reflexologist for 24 years and a qualified teacher for 7 years. She has had an exciting reflexology journey, including working part time for the Association of Reflexologist (AoR) for the last 11 years and being a published author of 3 reflexology books. She has been a board member of the Reflexology in Europe Network and an elected member of the Profession Specific Board for CNHC. She also runs a busy reflexology practice and teaches CPD courses online and in South East London.

Her career started in nursing, initially in several Central London Hospitals. She was a Macmillan Nurse for 10 years looking at quality of life in patients with advanced bowel cancer, and then worked for the King’s Fund in the evidence based practice team.

Anna Bartholomew, MAR

Host and facilitator Anna Bartholomew, is an experienced reflexologist and retreat & events host. Trained in Thai Reflexology Massage in Krabi, South Thailand and later in Reflexology at the London School of Massage, she has also undertaken training in Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART) and Advanced Spinal Reflexology and Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT). She has continued her professional development by attending workshops in Women’s Health, Mobilisation Techniques, Ayurvedic Reflexology and The Treatment of Pain.

She currently works with private clients in Orgiva, and is very experienced in supporting those with grief, anxiety, depression and stress. She also works at various retreat centres and events in the local area, in the role of therapist, organiser and educator.

Jane Bartholomew MAR ART

Host and facilitator Jane Bartholomew MAR ART (reg’d) qualified as a reflexologist in 2005. Since then she has continued her professional development by attending courses in: Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART); Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT); Pain Management Techniques and the treatment of pain; Clinical Reflexology; Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) Functional Reflex Therapy (FRT); Maternity and Fertility reflexology; Baby reflex and Palliative and Supportive Care.

She is also a Yoga Therapist and Somatic Practitioner, and her work is now primarily with those dealing with pain, stress and anxiety, depression, trauma and fatigue.

Having worked at a large Holistic Health Centre for a number of years, she gained a broad knowledge of complementary therapies and experience of co-treating with professionals of other disciplines.

Sophie Paulding, BSc. (Hons)

Our mental health is under constant attack from the stress associated with the expectations of others, relationships, family, work and society, leading to insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety, depression and other forms of mental stress. Prescriptions for antidepressants, antipsychotics and sleep medications have risen dramatically over the past two decades.

As a herbalist, Sophie has seen a lot of this in her clinical practice. Herbs can provide a strong support for someone dealing with mental health issues. In this workshop we will discuss the effective use of herbs for depression, insomnia and anxiety medication withdrawal as well as covering core holistic strategies for dealing with these conditions.

Sophie is enthusiastic about effective herbal treatment and loves to share her views on how herbs can be used in varying ways depending on dosage needs and the therapeutic relationship.

Her workshops are always interactive and entertaining with an intelligent blend of down to earth information and more complex physiological scientific concepts which really add to and deepen our understanding. So, whether it is the first time you have attended a herbal medicine workshop or you already have a lot of knowledge in this field there is sure to be something for you!

Sophie Paulding Kopecky is a Medical Herbalist (BSc Phytotherapy) and Journey Practitioner with over 15 years experience working 1:1 with people. She currently speaks at various retreats, hosts an active facebook group and runs a successful 6 month online program inspiring health and emotional freedom in women who have experienced loss or abandonment trauma and as a result struggle in their relationships both with themselves and others.

Nutrition has a major impact on mental health, through the types of foods we eat, the nutrients needed for brain neurotransmitters and the balance of our gut microbiome. Modern life, and the way we eat, is a significant contributor to the rising rates of mental health disorders – and arguably the most modifiable.

The workshop will provide knowledge and practical strategies about the anti-inflammatory diet, the foundation for good mental health. We will discuss specific foods and nutrients that can effectively enhance emotional wellbeing and help to alleviate stress, depression and anxiety. We will also introduce the concept of nutrigenomics and how natural genetic variations modify our need for specific nutrients. Finally, the links between our gut microbiome and emotional health will be introduced, with explanation of the gut-brain axis and how this can be supported to achieve optimal physical and emotional health.


Rebecca is a British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) Registered Nutritional Therapist and a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

She uses a Functional Medicine approach and evidence-based nutritional advice to support both emotional wellbeing and hormonal health, providing personalised and positive diet and lifestyle changes to help relieve symptoms and address root causes of imbalances.
She also works with women and couples who are experiencing infertility or planning a pregnancy following pregnancy loss, to increase their chances of a healthy pregnancy.’

Rebecca specialises in Women’s Health, combining her expertise in nutrition with her PhD in Reproductive Health and 25 years’ experience in medical research into women’s hormones and pregnancy.

Arantza, Yoga Teacher

Arantza teaches Hatha Flow yoga classes that bring us to the body, mind & breath, giving them attention in the present moment so that we can allow the whole human being that we are to express itself.
In practical terms we spend time warming up , using the breath (pranayama) , moving into moon salutations, standing, seated & floor poses finishing in relaxation ( savasana).

She will also be offering Thai Massage and with her capacity to hold you in a safe space , Arantza encourages a profound letting go of physical & emotional tensions.

Fully Booked!

Our Spring Retreat is fully booked, however we will be running a new retreat this autumn. If you would like to join us then please follow the link below for more information.

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