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Improving Function and Managing Pain

April 2019

We focused on improving function and managing pain, diving into a holistic approach to this topic, with the work of our special guest Lynne Booth being supported by workshops on herbs and nutrition.

We covered many powerful VRT techniques that are suitable for all ages and conditions and learned simple moves to help ease pain and increase mobility including a sports warm-up protocol and techniques for working with children and older people, including dementia and palliative care.

These techniques could be immediately integrated into a reflexologist’s repertoire and may be applied in the seated, standing and reclining positions using both feet and hands.

We combined all this with delicious and nutritious food, daily yoga, two free complimentary therapies and plenty of time to relax and share treatments with other guests and you can see why a week at Equilibrio is the perfect combination for hardworking and caring professionals!

Ayurvedic Reflexology Retreat

September 2018

Sharon Stathisoffered 2 workshops in her speciality field of Ayurvedic Reflexology.
Ayurveda is the ancient, comprehensive healing system of India. Ayurvedic Reflexology is a dynamic healing modality that successfully integrates the philosophy and practices of Ayurveda with the knowledge of contemporary Reflexology. Ayurvedic Reflexology can be applied to the hands and feet.
Ayurvedic Reflexology utilizes a simple, yet dynamic approach to wellness. The techniques are uncomplicated and easy to apply. They initiate healing at a very deep level, bringing harmony to body, mind and spirit.
In the workshop sessions, we discovered what Ayurvedic Reflexology has to offer, for both the client and the therapist. Working with the subtle energy systems of the body will be the focus.

Women’s Health

May 2017

Thank you to the Equilibrio team for being such lovely hosts, and for an exceptional retreat in the most gorgeous setting. I had a wonderful time sharing techniques from my Reflexology For Women’s Health Workshop, and equally enjoyed taking part in all of the high quality and inspiring workshops offered over the week. It was a pleasure to enjoy this space with new friends, a really lovely group of people . The daily yoga practice and deliciously prepared vegetarian food was a real treat! A truly magical and replenishing experience, and I feel very blessed to have been requested to return again next year. Thank you ❤

Hagar Basis Reflexology and Women’s Health 2017

The Versatility of Vertical Reflexology and new mobilisation techniques

September 2017

I have recently returned from the Southern Spanish mountains, near Órgiva, where I taught VRT Mobilisation techniques to a great group on an acclaimed 6 night Equilibrio Retreat for Reflexologists. We stayed in the fascinating House of Light centre, ate gorgeous vegetarian food and learnt lots from additional visiting speakers, shared treatments, superb yoga sessions and relaxed. These retreats are very professionally organised by Anna and Jane Bartholomew so check them out as they get fully booked fast. I followed in the footsteps of the wonderful Hagar Basis who taught there in the Spring. I know we both look forward to returning to this very special place.

Lynne Booth – September 2017 – The Versatility of Vertical Reflexology and new mobilisation techniques

Reflexology Retreat with Mauricio Kruchik

September 2016

In September 2016 we enjoyed the company, experience and wisdom of Mauricio Kruchik and each other.

Our guests joined us on the Sunday and we flowed through the week with yoga, Qigong, informative workshops, treatment swaps, complimentary Shiatsu & Aromatherapy Massage treatments and interesting discussions.

All this was supported by glorious sunshine, delicious meals and the amazing facilities at Hidden Paradise.

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