Equilibrio Retreats

“The best thing I could have done for myself”

What are Equilibrio Retreats?

Our name ‘Equilibrio’ means balance. As a therapist this means taking time to optimise your own well-being alongside that of your clients. Equilibrio retreats provide you with a chance to do just that: an opportunity to treat yourself; where you can expand your knowledge in a relaxed, informal setting, learning from & sharing experiences with Special Guest teachers and fellow therapists. We offer a balance of CPD, inspirational learning and relaxed rejuvenation so that when you go home you feel ready to give again.

We Provide

We provide you with a retreat from everyday life, where you can recharge, rejuvenate and inspire your mind, body and spirit.

We Offer

We offer you a unique & nurturing experience at exceptional value to encourage your Continuing Professional Development (CPD points are awarded).

We Support

We support you – the providers of complementary therapies – to maintain your health and well-being and feed your passion for your work.

We Share

We share with you our skills and create a fertile learning environment, through creative workshops, discussions and treatments.

Our Next Retreat

April 20 - April 27

Fully Booked!

For this retreat, we will focus on optimising well-being, for ourselves and our clients. Our special guest reflexologist Sally Earlam and workshop leaders Sophie Paulding and Rebecca Jones, will look at building resilience in a world where avoiding stresses and strains is close to impossible. Jane Bartholomew will be offering evening sessions to support our nervous systems, aid sleep and provide us with some mindful moments.

"I would highly recommend, both from a personal relaxation point of view and the sheer amount of knowledge and confidence you come away with. It is quite simply a life changing retreat like no other and worth every penny."

Who Are Equilibrio?

Equilibrio is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team using all our skills and knowledge to create the magic of Equilibrio.

Anna Bartholemew host and facilitator

Jane Bartholemew host and facilitator

Sisters Anna and Jane Bartholomew, founder members and developers of Equilibrio, will be your hosts and facilitators during your retreat. Their role is to make sure your whole experience is as rewarding as it can possibly be. At each retreat they are joined by a Special Guest reflexologist.

Reflexologists’ Retreat – Improving Function and Managing Pain

(April 2019)

Ayurvedic Reflexology Retreat September

(September 2018)

Reflexology Retreat – Women’s Health

(May 2017)

The Versatility of Vertical Reflexology and new mobilisation techniques

(September 2017)

Reflexology Retreat with Mauricio Kruchik

(September 2016)

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